IAG Group is the world's premier manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio electronics.


IAG (International Audio Group) is a manufacturer of audio equipment for domestic and professional use, plus professional lighting systems and luxury yachts. With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Asia and offices (including R&D) in the UK, IAG is a manufacturer with a truly global reach.


Worldwide Collaboration

Our designers are pooled from the finest within each of their disciplines. R&D takes place on an international scale with industrial designers and electronics engineers from the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Japan heading up the hi-fi and professional audio divisions respectively.

Vertical Integration

IAG’s audio business employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. Its factory complex in China is one of the largest custom-designed consumer electronics manufacturing facilities in the world and benefits from an exceptional level of vertical integration, with all component parts – even the tooling – made in-house.

Brand Heritage

The Group’s domestic audio brands – Audiolab, Castle Acoustics, Luxman, Mission, Quad and Wharfedale – all enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence, with illustrious histories that stretch back decades. Top-class British audio engineering remains critical to these brands, with world-renowned acoustic design team brimming with international talent.

The combination of rich brand heritage, purpose-built production facilities in China and experienced audio engineers from around the globe makes IAG a unique proposition in the world of consumer electronics.

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